Thursday, 25 April 2019


Chapter 24
Hey amazing people, its a new chapter for me!!!
And as usual I’m not that gassed up. Birthdays are usually days of reflection for me; where I get to reminisce about the blessings, hustles, achievements, mistakes and of cause the entire adulting process of the previous year. It’s also usually my ‘me time’, when I get to set down goals and plans for the coming year. It’s my new year people!!!.
This time, I’m overly excited because I honestly achieved a lot in the last chapter. I got that which I pursued for years, I found myself more and I knew God more. What more can I ask for? So much more…..because I’m human.
So people, in commemoration of the day, I’ll share some bits about me; Things that have kept me going, things I’ve lived by (Principles) and Things I look forward to. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find an answer to that question you’ve always wanted to ask me.
Here are 24 Things I think about myself;

1. I don’t despair. If you’re looking for a super fighter. I mean one that never gives up. Hey I’m here…I find it hard to stop a process because it didn’t or is not working out. I try, try, and try again. I’m a very positive person and I just always believe things will work out, no matter how bad it may seem initially.
2. I don’t limit myself. Yes I keep trying my hands on new things. Truth is I don’t think there’s anything I cannot do. In-fact, I like to be dared. It allows me explore beyond my limits.
3. I get bored with routines. I’m a very spontaneous person, and so routines kill my vibe. I enjoy exploring and trying new stuff.
4. I’m always thankful for my current status. Regardless of how things turn out with me, I’m always thankful and positive. It only helps me heal fast and focus on doing better.
5. I try to be constantly happy. I agree life throws different shades at us, and I have my down moments a lot. Regardless, I try to shrug it off and stay happy and smiling, it only makes me more beautiful.
6. I’m happier when I’m fulfilled (who isn’t anyway)
7. As much as I have mentors and people I look up to, I don’t want to be like anyone other than me (It is what it is).
8. Success stories inspire me a lot (I can’t overemphasize this). I get inspired by so many things, but the moment I see someone soaring, it gingers me to do more for myself.
9. I don’t like to show emotions. I hate it when people see my weakness. In a way it works as it helps me put myself together during turbulent times, but again it’s tiring and may lead to a major breakdown.
10. I think I’m strong to a fault. Like I think I can handle EVERYTHING all by myself. I find it hard to ask for help. I always feel people should be able to tell when I need them without asking (Behold it doesn’t work that way). I intend to limit this as man is not an alien nah. You need those around you.
11. I like to network. Networking is important in your everyday life
12. Write as the idea comes. This is something I’ve learnt to do. This is why I’m always with my phone, pen or whatever I can use to jot. I mean that idea pops up anytime, I don’t want to be caught unawares biko.
13. Learn to listen. Communication is incomplete when there’s no feedback. Listening is more important than talking.
14. Silence is “importanter”. Hmmm silence is golden. I mean it is one word that can mean a thousand things. Use it when necessary.
15. Share Knowledge. No matter how little what you know is, please share with others.
16. Don’t tighten the world to your chest. Take things lightly. Life isn’t that hard.
17. Be flexible. Be open to change and adjustments. Don’t be stiff
Things I look forward to
18. Know God more
19. Be constantly happy
20. Hit Milestones
21. Drop bad habits/vibes
22. Keep learning, growing and evolving positively
23. Add a little bit more skin (so that people will stop thinking I’m 16)
24. Be more open, show more emotions and learn to ask for help.
 Yayyy!!! So its a new chapter and I’m really enthusiastic about this age. I see new good tidings, great vibes and of cos intense growth. I also hope to post more here and of cos feature more people.
Thanks for stopping by to read, maybe one day, I’ll throw a birthday party and I’ll invite you… but before then…I luh ya..

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Wassup with those 2019 Resolutions

Heyy guys!!!

I know I f'd up. Yes I know I betrayed some of you guys. I know I promised to write often. More importantly, I betrayed myself 😔. Yes I did. One of my resolutions this year was to write more. How come I haven't even been able to publish anything (ouch, that hurts my soul). I blame this on adulting though (well some of you blame everything on Buhari, I guess I'm better). So I really think resolutions don't work. Like we get so carried away with our daily activities that we forget to actually live like we have planned. We get so carried away with Adulting huh!. Well for me, I'll plan and let God lead, but this resolution thing ehnnn, it's not going too well for now. Oh well I hope it gets better tho.
So wassup guys, I guess it's not too late to say Happy New year!!!🎊 I wish y'all a great year. Oh well it's looking good for some people already (congratulations) and to you that thinks it's looking all blank and black already (hang on love). So I got a new post coming up later today.. Yayyyy💃💃💃, watch this space guys. See you sooon. Byeee
How far with your own resolutions, working or not? drop a comment, let's discuss. Okayyy byeeee👋 for real now. Ciao

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Betrayal and all that

What's that one thing, that one experience that made you think you had gotten to the peak of childhood.
Well for me, it was about sitting on the large salon chairs. I detested mini stools called 'akpoti' in Yoruba. My hairdresser practically told me I couldn't sit on those chairs till I turned 12. Well one way or the other I needed to make my hair, so I couldn't complain. But then the Countdown to 12 years began.
The birthday came, and I was more excited about adulting and all the 'goodies' it came with than I was for the party.
Behold after the buzz, I was betrayed by my hairdresser. It became a tale of 'you're too short to sit on these chairs'. So basically I had to start looking forward to growing tall. What a life!

You might think the word betrayal is too deep for such a naive story, but isn't this how we face various betrayal experiences on our road to adulting, the word 'betrayal' evokes lots of undesirable emotions on the victim.

Betrayal is an Integral part of adulting. It can come from any angle; family, friends, lovers, colleagues, clients or even bus drivers and conductors. Surprised much? Yes a conductor once betrayed me. Seemed like the nicest bus conductor I ever came across, till I forgot my change. Guess what, it was all the cash I had on me. well I didn't sleep out, I found a way.

People will betray you, you just gotta find a way like I did, and move on.

Well I learnt this adulting thing comes with lots of pros and cons. It's betrayal today, will be something else tomorrow. Watch this space to know what it is.
I won't betray you 😊

Meanwhile I'll love to read your story! who betrayed You? Your tailor, colleague or that lover? Drop a comment darling..

Monday, 12 November 2018


Heyo, I guess I didn't officially say welcome to my blog, so here's me throwing you kisses 💋💋💋.

Now that you're here, the little secret is this isn't gonna be all about me, it's about US! I mean you, yes You and I.
Well,so I heard adulting comes with lots of great moments (good&bad). Well we just gotta grow. So anyway,  you have that story that's. I mean those terrific adulting stories .. Hey I'm here to listen and share with you. This blog is Ours! And you know nobody needs to know it's your story.. Common let's ride together.

P. S: This is a work in progress, feel free to drop your reviews. 💋💋

Hey I'm adulting and it feels surreal!

So I decided to open my diary, chill aren't diaries supposed to be hidden, like if it was possible for people to hide their diaries in a cave, they definitely won't miss the opportunity. Well here's Omomolade sharing her diary with everyone who can lay their hands on it. I just need you to read, and let's see if we're all adulting the same way. It's a scam I heard.. *chuckles *


Chapter 24 Hey amazing people, its a new chapter for me!!! And as usual I ’m not that gassed up. Birthdays are usually days of reflect...